Become best friends with your body and finally feel like it's supporting you, with your very own women’s hormone health expert for the next 10 days

Are you done medicating and guessing your way through the exhaustion, pain and irritability caused by hormonal chaos? 

In just 10 days go from symptom-ridden & confused, to finally having clarity about how your hormones work and gain confidence in your health strategy!

  • Your period is full of painful cramps, heavy bleeding, breakouts & big blow ups with your partner
  • ​Dr. Google’s answers aren’t solving your laundry list of hormonal symptoms
  • You are exhausted all the time even when you get a good night's sleep
  • You are starting to lose hope that after so many failed diets you still don’t know which foods to eat?
  • ​You are frustrated when your friends lose weight but the scale won’t budge for you
  • ​You are done spending hundreds of dollars on expensive skin care only to continue to breakout each month 
  • ​You've been diagnosed with PCOS, Endometriosis, Fibroids, Ovarian Cysts, Thyroiditis and are looking for some new answers to heal


Don't let another month go by with suffering hormones - get your energy, cycle, skin, and soul back this holiday!

After the 10 Day Challenge, you will finally have
✨Hormonal Harmony

✨A healthy relationship with food

✨An intuitive understanding of how your body works so you can finally feel confident, sexy and in control

I can’t tell you how many women I hear from that are fed up with their PMS wreaking havoc on their moods and destroying their relationships.

Or how often I hear a client say, “I’ll spend all night looking up the different reasons why I could be so exhausted, only to feel even more exhausted & confused from the Dr. Google rabbit hole”

They’ll tell me, “normal decisions overwhelm me like there’s a cloud in my head that won’t let me absorb new information. I keep hoping the next supplement or new big thing in the health world will save me from my symptoms but they never even make a dent.”
They also say in frustration, “my doctors & friends say, this is just the cost of getting older, you’ll get used to it, there’s nothing wrong with you, it’s all in your head”

Can you relate?
Then you are in the right place!

Introducing the 10 Day Holiday Hormone Reboot  

Over the course of 10 days, I will help you go from lost, confused & frustrated to feeling excited, knowledgeable about the vital role hormones play in our lives and satisfied with straightforward answers to your most mystifying symptoms .


✨Have the best period of your life...for once!

✨​Have deeper, energizing, more restful sleep

​✨Confidently say 'no thanks' to holiday treats

✨Know exactly what to do to live a symptom free-day

✨​Get your energy back naturally and say goodbye to caffeine

​✨Go out to dinner without worrying about the food hurting your stomach

​✨Easily go to your favorite workout class with confidence that your body will support you

✨​Have the assurance to leave the house without makeup because you finally have clear skin
I get it! I was you! I struggled for years trying to figure out why I felt so awful. At age 23, at the height of my painful IBS symptoms, my hormones started to take a dive -- I was 30 lbs heavier than I am today, my hair started to fall out, I was completely exhausted, my sleep was erratic and my anxiety and depression were at an all time high. I lost my libido, had a painful ovarian cyst burst and was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. I lived in fear, pain and anxiety with nowhere to turn and no one to help me figure out what was wrong with my body.

I hired a functional medicine practitioner who taught me how to heal my digestive system, eat better to support my hormones and incorporate stress management techniques to nurture my healing journey. 

After a couple of weeks I was thinking clearer, I was sleeping soundly and feeling my energy return, my digestion was no longer a daily worry, and the weight started to fall off. 

Now, with years of personal experience and as a certified functional nutrition practitioner specializing in hormone health, digestive health and women’s health - I educate and empower women to get their bodies into optimal hormonal alignment after years of hormonal imbalances from stress, infections, virus’ and medications like the birth control pill. 

I’m so excited to be sharing with you the EXACT PATH that I used to reboot
my hormones - so you can start feeling these changes too!

10 Day Holiday Hormone Reboot Includes:

  • Starting on December 12th, you will gain access to 10 Days of private Live Trainings & Q&A Sessions. Imagine having access to a women’s hormone health expert to give you clarity about how your body works and share how you can optimize your food habits, find deep restful sleep & implement stress reduction methods 
  • Gain Private Facebook Group Access: Imagine having a community of personal cheerleaders going through the same exact health concerns as you. 
  • Daily Morning Meditations & Inspiration: to get you motivated & stay on track throughout your day
  • 10 Day Holiday Hormone Lovin’ Meal Plan: don’t have time to figure out what to eat for your hormones? No worries - I got you. This meal plan features simple ingredients & quick 30 minute meals that are SUPER easy, delicious and exciting. No more eating popcorn for dinner or ordering Seamless to your door because you just don't know what to make
  • ​Power Foods For Hormones List: this is your go to guide for hormone heaven so there no confusion as to what to eat & what to avoid!
  • ​Clear and Concise Shopping Lists: get everything you need to shop for in one easy place!

Scroll down to see the exclusive bonuses that you will receive as a Hormone Reboot Member

  • ​Hormone Healing Soups
  • ​Hormone Healing Smoothies
  • ​Guide to Natural Products
  • ​Menstrual Cycle Tracking
  • ​Six Ways to Boost Your Libido
  • ​Techniques for Reducing Stress

Here's What Members Are Saying

"(I had) all sorts of weird symptoms like every time I ate something there was some pain or some discomfort, backache all day, everyday....headaches, and I haven’t really had back pain since doing your program. It’s magic - my back doesn’t hurt anymore! The weird symptoms are gone"
"I’m in tune with my body...I’m friends with my body again."

- Dennise O.

"No PMS, it has lightened 95%….no night sweats…my mood is better, my skin is better, I’ve started to lose weight!"
- Jessica N.

 "It was life changing, 
that’s how I can describe it, life changing"

- Denisse O.
"I've always been sick like 2 or 3 times a month....and since removing dairy from my diet a year ago, I think I've gotten sick twice."
"My digestion is better, my skin is clear, my whole body feels better and I don't get sick anymore"

- Kristin S.

Are you ready to FINALLY get clarity about foods to eat that actually work for your body and hormones, see your symptoms magically disappear, have limitless energy for your day and put a stop to the cycle of trial and error?

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